How to treat a hoarse voice?

By Admin | Health Recipes
10 May 2016
hoarse voice gives a lot of inconvenience.Hoarse voice could overload of the ligaments in the use of cold drinks or any diseases or inflammatory processes.
If hoarse voice came as a result of loud screams or emotional conversations, you'd better have some hot tea, it would be great if you add lemon tea and honey.To voice recovered, drink a couple of days during the warm milk with the addition of butter.Oil before addition to the milk must melt.It is also well to the juice of the grape sugar and cranberry juice.
If the cause of a hoarse voice is cold, you need to gargle with a special solution.In a glass of warm water, add one tablespoon of calendula and chamomile infused.Gargle this solution must be within a couple of hours.Make of this solution inhalation, inhale mouth first, and then exhale through the nose.
Good help inhalation of pounded potatoes.You need to cook 3-4 medium sized potatoes, boil must be "in uniform".Once the potatoes are cooked, peel it and mash, but without fanaticism.Then
sit in a chair, so that the head was over a saucepan with potatoes, and cover your head with a blanket begin to inhale the vapors.Again, I breathe out through your mouth and nasal cavity.
singers, and even people who are not engaged in singing, good help egg.Enjoy a fresh egg.After a few tricks and short period of time, the voice starts to recover.But remember, the use of eggs in bulk can lead to poisoning and damage to your body.
Another good way to get rid of a hoarse voice is steaming down.Fill the basin with hot water and put back legs in the water can also add mustard powder.Water should not be cool, keep it hot.
Eat honey, it is very good for a hoarse voice.Take a tablespoon and scoop it honey, after slowly absorbable his mouth.It is also well to butter and vegetable oil.Vegetable oil can rinse the throat, it smazhet your palate, creamy and spread it on hlebushek and eat.
still recommended to see a doctor becauseYou could start a sore throat, it is better not to risk it, the doctor will prescribe you with all the necessary medicines to cure your vote.Talk less, do it as infrequently as possible becauseeven a whisper could be detrimental to his voice.