Diet after bowel surgery

By Admin | Health Recipes
10 May 2016
If you have had surgery on the gut, then you absolutely need light diet.The foods you should eat all soft and hard products are excluded, as is necessary to eliminate from the diet much hot and cold dishes greatly.Avoid fried, fatty and spicy foods.With all this in food should be nutrients, such as carbohydrates, proteins, provitamins.Food should be complete, it will help the body recover faster.If you want a meat dish, you can boil the meat, not fat or fish.
also useful products that we grow ourselves, such products are apples, carrots, onions, beets, garlic and cabbage.For example, garlic contains many substances that contribute to the improvement of the intestinal microflora, and stomach, and enhances immunity.Of course you need to use products such as additives, added to the porridge soup, meat, minced meat.After the operation, use in food cooked legumes, vegetables such will not irritate the mucous membrane of the intestine.Slowly turn in the diet of fruits and vegetables in the form of salads.
If prior to surgery you suffer intolerance to milk after the operation the best you'll never use.Milk and dairy products you can substitute soy products, besides it will be useful even in your case, sincecontained in soy protein, high ductility, it is very useful to the body.
everything that you eat is now necessary to add a certain amount of liquid.Drink plain water and fruit drinks, drink legenky soups.Cook food and prepare the necessary need to drink purified water.If there is no relapse, you can vypet little light tea and even coffee.Make sure that the water that you drink, does not contain bleach.In between meals, drink some juice.If after taking the juice, you will feel worse, you should try to dilute the juice with water if it does not help, then protect yourself from such a drink.It is recommended to drink a variety of charges of beneficial herbs and tea for the liver, cholagogue tea all this will help you improve your health.These teas can be purchased at kiosks, before the use carefully read the instructions.
After surgery, you need to wait a few days and start to stick Diets 1 if the use of such diets began disorder and deterioration of health, it is necessary to postpone, if everything is in order, then eventually must go on Diet 2 .After 2 weeks after surgery, the patient should begin to eat a little bit of solid food.After approximately 4 weeks, how you will be transferred from the hospital, it is recommended to start to use a small amount of food nepotertuyu.If everything is in order and will not have any ailments, it is safe to begin to expand the diet.
Diet 1. cooking food must be in liquid form and mushy, avoid using table salt.In such food is very low in calories, they are reduced due to the large amounts of carbohydrates.Watch the temperature taken dishes, hot dishes should not have a temperature above 55 degrees, and the cold is not lower than 20 degrees.Such food try to eat at least 6 times a day.You need to eliminate from the diet of fried foods, smoked, mushrooms, broth, bread, spicy and greasy.Exclude From drinking tea and coffee.
Diet 2. difference between this diet from Diet 1 that gradually increases calorie and nutrients in the food.You can also eat pureed soups and hlebushek as crackers.The amount of liquid is limited to 2 liters a day, taken all meals should be warm.
Diet 3. Such a diet should be applied after 5-6 weeks after surgery, but keep in mind it is necessary to apply only in those cases where there were no complications.Such a diet is absolutely intact, the special instructions for the preparation of food is not, such a diet can be equated to a full diet of healthy people, but all the same it is necessary to eliminate indigestible fats, fatty meats and poultry.All daily meals divided roughly into 3-6 pieces and sort the food caloric breakfast is taken twice, the first received 20% of the calories in the second 10%, for lunch take about 35% of calories, lunch should contain 10% for dinner please20% and then another 5% of the calories in the 2nd dinner.