Thin nails

By Admin | Health Recipes
10 May 2016
If the nails are thin, soft, peel, break, look dry - a sign of problems in the body.Most likely, this is due to the lack of vitamins in the diet, particularly calcium, iron and protein.
reason may also be a disease of the thyroid gland, and then without a visit to the doctor is necessary.
thin nails and become too frequent use of aggressive detergents - they need to be replaced by environmentally friendly, or wear gloves.Gloves are very helpful and often necessary to keep your hands in the water - for example, if you have a lot of wash or wear off.
damaging nails and too frequent use of nail polish remover: it is corrosive and it damages the nail plate.Also extremely unprofitable iron nail files: use of them, especially if the processing of the nails cut in both directions, it is often the cause of separation of the nail plate.It is better to use glass or ceramic nail file: they practically do not damage the nail.But they better cut only in one direction.
To make nails harder, you can also
occasionally applied firming lacquer, but this should not be done frequently, as nail deprives the nail plate of air.
Do not apply a new layer of varnish immediately after removing the old one.You need to give your nails to breathe, so to speak, come to his senses.
You can also do the bath: in a warm vegetable oil to add 2-3 liquid vitamin A and a few drops of iodine or, instead of iodine, lemon juice, or tea leaves of green tea.Very effective mix for trays, which includes, in equal parts, oil and apple cider vinegar.Fix the result can be by holding ten minutes fingertips to cut in half lemon.
is more effective bath of sea salt and mixed fifty-fifty broth chamomile tea leaves and green tea.