Why hurt the hair roots?

By Admin | Health Recipes
10 May 2016
All women pay much attention to your hair: they kill them in a ponytail or do some hair, this time with coatings, foams or other styling products.After these actions, often there is a feeling of pain in the roots of the hair.With this point you may encounter, and without reason.Then you need to understand that such a result - a sign of a more serious problem.A closer look at the situation, explaining why hurt the hair roots.
Themselves hair roots do not get sick, because any pain there is a reason and most likely it is the scalp.
too dry scalp.
cheap and low-quality shampoos, conditioners or other means used for hair care products can dry the scalp.To resolve this trouble, moisten it with a specially designed scrubs, nourishing masks and balms.
dandruff and dry scalp symptoms may be quite a serious illness.In order to establish an accurate diagnosis, contact trihologu.
impaired circulation.
One reason for the pain of the hair roots, may be poor circulation.Unpleasant sensations
are caused by vascular disease of the head or the last spasms.To those troubles resulting reluctance to wear hats in the autumn-winter period.That cap will protect the hair follicles thus help avoid discomfort.There is a theory according to which the vascular dystonia can also be the cause of the pain of the hair roots.
Improper care.
It is possible that the cause of pain - used comb, which is strongly electrified hair.Before buying hair hygiene products, carefully study the composition that it did not have too many harmful components, as they may contribute to the pain in the root zone of the head.Copious applying to hair styling products, also leads to unpleasant sensations at the roots of the hair.
Change usual hairstyles.
If you wish to change the usual hair their position, for example, when changing the parting or when lifting bangs back, the hair roots and can get sick.If the planned radical change of hairstyle, the pain that arises later, it should be endured.You can ease the discomfort with a light massage.
stressful situations.
no doubt that involved in the pain may be nerves, which, as we know, are the causes of most diseases.You can too nervous because of some stressful situation, and a reaction to it will pain the hair roots.You can help yourself by drinking a sedative, making the massage of the head or, in extreme cases, turn to the neurologist.
Permanent taut styling.
hair roots with pain often experienced amateurs beams and ponytails.The latter leads to a permanent tightness of the scalp, as a result, and there are unpleasant sensations.To eliminate such a reason, you need to do less rather tight stacking (2-3 times a week), and the pain will pass by itself.
To be smart hair, be sure to relieve pain in the root zone of the head!