How to trim the orchid after flowering?

By Admin | Magic Plants
18 May 2016

phalaenopsis orchid or is increasingly becoming the subject of attention of gardeners.It is a beautiful and spectacular flower which with good care can give a blossoming bud for several months.However, the time comes and stops blooming, beautiful flowers fall.Therefore, many young fans interested in breeding pot plants - whether crop stems.

Most often think that pruning should be carried out without fail, otherwise the orchid is not strength and energy to make new buds.Empty Escape will select the plant nutrients.It is recommended to cut the escape directly above the first bud.This place is at the level of five centimeters from the ground.Cut stems can be like a knife or scissors.Obtained in this section does not process escape.

Another view of the orchid pruning is to ensure that you should not rush this procedure.When reset faded orchid buds, you need to wait and see for a fortnight wilt escape.If the arrow is withered, it is necessary to accurately cut, and if stays green, it does not need pruning

.Just plant turned into a period of rest and some time will be able to form new buds.If the spike has several shoots, then cut only the withered parts.

Orchid behaves uniquely and can bloom only once a year, and at other times forming buds several times.And it does not depend on pruning flower stalk.There are especially capricious orchids that give flowers lazy whether circumcised or not escape.For this tropical wonder crop is not the decisive factor must bloom.Therefore it is possible to deal with it, both the first and the second method.