How to restore the vocal cords?

By Admin | Health Recipes
09 May 2016
The first and most important thing in the treatment of any disease is prevention of its development, that is prevention.If irritation ligaments should be as small as possible to talk to once again not to strain your vocal cords.It should also be some changes in your diet.There is such foods as soups, boiled porridge, drink warm milk.But the seeds and nuts is not the best at all.
as treatments using mineral water (such as Borjomi), diluted in hot milk.Dilute in a ratio of 1 to 2 in the glass.Strictly contraindicated to use baking soda for this purpose!
also a good remedy is a mixture prepared from butter, brandy and honey.They should be mixed in equal proportions, and slowly swallow.After swallow this tool, you need to stop for a while to talk, this depends directly on the treatment effect.To enhance the beneficial properties of the ingredients can be diluted in warm tea.
The thermos should brew Kalina and use throughout the day in small portions with honey.
bad helps method gargling.To do t
his, you must purchase at the pharmacy tincture of eucalyptus and rinse her throat several times a day.
can also be used to treat and this advice: take five apples and well baked or boiled soft, then puree is made of them.This mashed eat in one night, nothing but that no longer eating.
And finally, a little advice - treatment ligaments spend the evening, as night ligaments do not tense during sleep and the effect of the above mentioned funds will be higher!