How to remove the itch of chickenpox?

By Admin | Health Recipes
09 May 2016
accepted Chickenpox has traditionally been considered a typical childhood disease, and this is partly right, but not quite.In most cases, chickenpox is really ill, only children, but at times like this happens with adults.If a small child carries the disease is fairly easy, the adult suffers the same disease is much more difficult.The thing unbearable itching that occurs when chickenpox.Even the most patient man, he is able to wear down, so that in a couple of days a person will become a neurotic.
To avoid this, it is necessary to appease the most intolerable itch.To do this you will need: rivanola solution, a solution of potassium permanganate (weak) solution fukartsina, an alcoholic solution of brilliant green.
chickenpox patient observed the appearance of a rash all over the body, in some cases, may increase the temperature.The rash can appear anywhere on the body, including on his head.But the real problem is just itching occurs when the disease.It is worth remembering that the rash in any
time can not be scratched, as it is fraught with consequences - can remain small scars on the body for a lifetime.
Your first step should be to clipping the nails that would inadvertently bring an infection.
should regularly change of underwear, and it should be only from natural materials.
Taking a bath, add to it a weak solution of potassium permanganate, and after wiping the bathroom a new (clean) towel.During washing, refrain from using a variety of cosmetics: gels, shampoos.
need to constantly keep at home a comfortable temperature for you.Avoid excessive sweating, as this only reinforces the itching.
If the rash appeared in the mouth, then the rinse solution on the basis of weak furatsilina.
will help relieve itching regular lubrication solution rivanola bubbles, green fodder, potassium permanganate and sodium fukartsina.These funds help to dry out the rash, which in turn relieves itching.
If absolutely unbearable itching, consult a doctor on admission antiallergic agents.If they are not contraindicated, the doctor will prescribe them to you.
And be sure to drink plenty of fluids, such as juice of currants, rose hips broth, fresh juice.