How to get rid of excess fluid in the body?

By Admin | Health Recipes
09 May 2016
Removing excess fluid from the body may be required to eliminate the persistent swelling that occur due to violations of salt and water metabolism in tissues.This can be done by yourself, just use the following recommendations.
The first step is to review your diet completely, namely, to give up the foods that tend to trap moisture in the body.For such products include potato chips, mayonnaise, fried foods, honey, sugar, eggs, gravies and sauces, red meat, alcohol, chocolates, cheeses, dairy products, yeast, cakes, various syrups, savory products and salt.
Try drinking green and herbal teas, a decoction of rose hips, hawthorn, thyme, tea with milk or just water mixed with lemon juice.
Make it a habit for yourself regularly eat foods that contribute to the removal of edema.This melon, cucumber, watermelon, oats, beans, baked potatoes, celery, rice, low-fat milk and yogurt, green apples, beets, cranberry juice and rowan, sorrel.Remember that poor diet does harm to your health.
regularly visit the bath or sauna, as it promotes the removal of excess moisture from the body.
three times a week, take a half-hour bath.Add soda to the water (500 g) and sea salt (300 g).Each procedure takes about 500 grams of water from the body.
If you have a sedentary job, start doing regular workout toes and perform a circular motion feet.Never wear tight shoes, not to throw one leg over the other, that you will certainly break the blood supply to the tissues of the body.Before going to bed slightly lift his feet for ten minutes, and then take them to a massage from the bottom up.Try to do daily exercise, whether it's walking, running, or swimming.
may also want to arrange for the legs douches, alternately replacing the hot water in the cooler.Shower finish necessarily in the cool water.
may also be used, and diuretics, but should be very careful to not inadvertently cause dehydration.