Toothache from sweet

By Admin | Health Recipes
09 May 2016
We all love the sweet, and we all have heard that sweets are harmful to teeth.And so it is, even though our bodies and experiencing some demand for sugar, but its excessive use of nothing but harm to the teeth does not bring.The large volume of sugar destructive to the tooth enamel, and when it collapses, the turn comes to the fellow who is forming the next layer of the tooth.As a consequence of all this there is decay, and if you do not stop to eat sweets, it will be successfully developed further.
But sometimes in addition to tooth decay can be shown and toothache.Most often it occurs during chewing something sweet, such as candy or waffle bar.This is due to the fact that the enamel of the tooth is damaged, and microscopic cracks are formed, which are quite small so that they would detect with the naked eye, but are large enough to let through the pressure reached dental nerve.It is a nerve and causes excruciating toothache.Only one way out - to seek qualified help from a dentist.
But even if you only have tooth decay, you should not delay the visit to the dentist.Better you put yourself filling time than after a while you remove the tooth!
But all this can be simply avoided if the regular use of simple but effective measures of protection.Suffice it twice a day, brush your teeth, and after eating sweets.It is also possible to apply thread dentifrice.But from what you can abstain, because it is from the gum due to its low efficiency.
Do not run your dental health, as may be far more dire consequences, such as periodontitis!