Sore veins in the legs

By Admin | Health Recipes
09 May 2016
If you suddenly began to hurt the veins in the legs, you know, these are the first signs of the appearance of varicose veins.Generally, it is a fairly common disease and it suffers from a lot of people.But do not lose heart and worry about it, because if you do not run regularly disease and prevention of this disease, it will never take the acute form.And prevention can be carried out independently.
symptoms. There is a feeling of heaviness in the legs, cramps at night are possible, there is pain in the legs mainly in the evening can begin to stand veins and spider veins.In some cases, there are very advanced components and trophic ulcers.
Why hurt veins. reasons that can be triggered by varicose veins, there are a variety.But in most cases, the disease occurs in people leading a sedentary lifestyle, or vice versa too intense.Also, the disease can provoke excessive exercise, constant zakidyvanie one foot to another, constant walking in high heels, excess weight, the adoption of hormone pills (c
ontraceptive), a genetic predisposition to the disease.
to potential risk are also young mothers and pregnant women.Quite often it is during pregnancy and early symptoms manifest varicose.Although the disease rarely progresses in young women, it is better to take certain protective measures, such as wearing compression stockings during pregnancy.
What should I do?
- Facilitates the unpleasant sensation of lifting feet (lying down) above the head for 10-15 minutes, then rinse them in cold water.
- Good help increase physical activity (walking, jogging small, gymnastics, rising and falling on the toes, and so on. D.).
- Make regular massage your legs (from the toes up) and lumbar massage.Such self-massage stimulates the nerve endings.
- purchasing new shoes, choose the one that without a heel or a low heel.
- Regularly visit the swimming pool or ride a bike.
- Be sure to visit the doctor (phlebologist), it will help you to choose the appropriate compression hosiery and veno-tonics.