How useful hematogen?

By Admin | Health Recipes
09 May 2016
Hematogen, is not just a tasty product like chocolate, it is also a medicinal product.Its taste is familiar to many from his childhood, and many children are happy to eat it almost every day.It has been known for a long time, at least initially, and did not have the usual form for us today.Originally it was a medicine to bovine blood, which came up with the doctor Gommel from Switzerland in 1890.Only after the 1917 revolution hematogen become what we know it today.
Today, this drug is well known and is used not only as a preventive measure, but as an indispensable food in the diet of patients to improve the structure of blood.But his appearance, he is obliged to scientists of the 19th century, who were able to establish the fact of a person's blood iron elements and their importance to the body.Hematogen basis of defibrinated blood of animals (cattle) which is mixed with other ingredients to impart flavor (condensed milk, honey, sugar, ascorbic acid, coconut and chocolate chips, nuts, and so on. D.)
.During the Great Patriotic War was hematogen mandatory staple food in a daily diet of soldiers and officers, and hospitals use it to improve the structure of the blood of wounded.By the way, in Greek, hematogen means "giving birth to the blood!"
Though the basis of the preparation and of the iron (hemoglobin), which is essential for the normal formation of blood cells, it is also full of other no less useful substances.It is rich in fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and in it a lot of vitamin A. And as you know, is this vitamin is necessary growing organism, so hematogen often recommended for children.It also contains amino acids and other elements, they are easily digested by the human body.
Hematogen has on the human body tonic effect, and so it is recommended as a preventive measure.The drug is used as an auxiliary additive in the treatment of various diseases.If it is consumed regularly, the normal process of blood formation and significantly increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood.Namely hemoglobin and contains all amino acids needed by an organism for normal functioning.Vitamin A is directly responsible for the growth of hair, nails, a common skin condition, good for the eyesight.Hematogen indispensable for anemia, it leads to normal iron content in the body of the sick person.It is a mandatory product in the diet of people undergoing a serious operation and undergoing post-operative recovery period.It is also recommended for people suffering from gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer.
contraindications. Although this drug is very useful, it still has a number of small and contraindications.Due to the fact that in the manufacturing process are different flavors, then people are allergic to one of them, better completely abandon its use.It is also contraindicated in patients with diabetes or suffering from obesity.On the day you can eat three times hematogen 1-2 plates.It is not recommended to increase the daily norm, because this can cause diarrhea or vomiting.