Why do you want to sleep after eating?

By Admin | Health Recipes
09 May 2016
Many noticed strange at first glance, a feature that, after a delicious and hearty meal of man always starts pulling nap.Regardless of gender and age, this principle applies equally to all - children, women, old people and men.But if you look to our younger brothers, we can see a similar picture.So what's the deal here?
There are two versions to explain this fact.According to the first blood of the brain located near the afternoon starts to pour down the side of the intestine.As a consequence, the brain begins to experience a lack of oxygen, and it causes drowsiness.To relieve this condition need to get some sleep, or in extreme cases a long soak in the afternoon.After some time the body bounces back and sleepy simply leaves.
has recently been launched and a second version that explains this fact.Its advanced scientists from England, who has studied the phenomenon failed to understand its principles.According to them, after a person eats, the body significantly increases the level of glucose, and
she just "off" certain cells in the human brain that are directly responsible for wakefulness.They also concluded that a breach in the functioning of these cells can cause rapid weight gain, but this is very rare.
This does not mean that from the afternoon is to give, you just need to choose a light meal, such as soup with meat chops instead!