How to eliminate bad breath?

By Admin | Health Recipes
09 May 2016
If you do not have a pleasant smell from the mouth, then do not try to fix it by candies with mint and gum.It is important to not only kill the smell, and find out the cause of its occurrence.To check that you have the unpleasant odor from the mouth do the following: - Take a small cotton pad and rub them at the base of the tongue three times.A minute later the smell of cotton wool, and then you will know you have an unpleasant odor or not.This should only be done in the morning, immediately after awakening and fasting.
course steady, halitosis greatly complicates the life, and is able to produce systems.But first and foremost it's wake-up call that you have in your body is not all right.In 90 cases out of 100 it is caused by gum disease and dental disease.Therefore, see your dentist, it will help you to find out.In the remaining 10 cases, the cause lies deeper, and should be self diagnostics for its establishment.
If the reason is not the teeth, then you need to see a gastroenterologist
.Sometimes a bad smell is the result of diseases of the stomach or other internal organs.If this is the case, the doctor will recommend you how to get rid of the smell.
In the event that the reason lies not in diseases of the stomach and teeth, it is necessary to turn to Laura.With rinse nasal lavage, inhalations and fizeoprotsedur help you eliminate bad breath.If you constantly think that his mouth smells of acetone smell, it is better to check for diabetes.If the reason lies in the kidney, it will be much harder to remove.
We all know the smell of onions and garlic.When they eat something that is not transmitted aroma accompanies us for a long time.But not everyone knows that digest the onion and garlic for about two days, give breath odor.This principle applies to many foods, so if you have scheduled an important meeting should not use sharp-smelling foods.
If you start each morning with a breakfast of oatmeal cooked in the water, the smell will not.Oatmeal tends to normalize the stomach and kills harmful microorganisms.A better functioning stomach, the lower the probability of occurrence of unpleasant odor.
If you smoke or drink, then kill the bad odor can be eating fresh apples!
unpleasant smell or, scientifically, halitosis is not a hereditary disease.So you may well get rid of it.
-Each morning, brush your tongue with a scraper or a simple spoon.
a purely oral cavity after the go.
-Poloschite mouth decoction of sage, calendula, peppermint, chamomile.
-Use dental floss to clean interdental spaces.
-The company tries not to talk to close friends and after each reception food chew mint gum or candy.But in any time not to be shy about it.Bad breath is a temporary reason but complexes of it may remain for a long time.
If you do not work on their own resolve this issue, simply refer to the good expert on these matters.He will not only listen very carefully, and will thoroughly investigate the causes of odor.And of course, it helps to find a solution to this problem.And do not worry to your doctor, because it is your ally in the fight against this problem!