How to raise your body temperature?

By Admin | Health Recipes
08 May 2016
situations can be very different when we may be required.But we will not go into such details, and immediately proceed to consider the possible methods.
1. method using lead. This method is known to almost all, many of them successfully used in the school years.It is necessary to take a pencil and break it into several parts and take out the lead itself into small pieces to eat it.There should be drinking water, but not too abundant, as the effect may be reduced!You should not chew the lead, otherwise you vymazhetsya whole mouth, and then all the work for nothing.It should be noted that the rise in temperature in this manner will not be the highest.
2. method using iodine. Also known method among students.It is necessary to take one piece of sugar (refined) and drip on him 4-5 drops of iodine.Slice need to swallow and drink water.It is necessary to observe strict dosage, because if the body gets extra iodine possible poisoning.This method raises the body temperature of 2-3 degrees.
3. method using physical stress. It is a natural, though cunning method.It consists in the following - by physical stress can momentarily increase the temperature up to 1.5 degrees.You just need to run, or push-ups from the floor a few times to sit down a couple of times.Repeat at least twice.
4. method using hot tea. This deceptive manner.It is necessary to drink a couple of cups of hot tea with honey or raspberry.You are strongly sweat and you may find that the temperature has risen significantly.But it is not, if you measure it thermometer, then see for yourself in this.
5. method of deception. to create the appearance of a hot forehead, you can simply attach to it is a wet rag in hot water.Do not forget to pre-squeeze it properly.A similar effect and cause hot bath, but it need more time-consuming, and it is doubtful that a method with a bath is possible to apply in practice.But in any case, the forehead becomes hot for a few minutes.
6. method using salt. It should take just a damp salt and rub it into the armpits (only without the extremes).After a few minutes the temperature can be measured, it will be increased.A similar effect has and onions, but it is better not to use - you simply will issue its smell.
is the primary method by which you can raise your body temperature.But everyone is different and what works for one well, another may not cause any effect.Just find the optimal method is to himself, and use it safely.