What is useful ginger root?

By Admin | Health Recipes
08 May 2016
Ginger root today vengeance is used in the preparation of various dishes and tea drinks.Many are aware of the inherent beneficial properties of this plant, due to which it has been used in ancient times in folk healing.It is able to treat both diseases of the stomach, and the common cold.
this plant grows in the Southeast Asia and the West Indies.People in my view apply only roots of the plant, with a strong flavor and very pungent taste.This is due to its high content of essential oils.
There are high in nutrients and vitamins.For example, it is particularly rich in phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, but there are also many other substances, and potassium, sodium, zinc, iron, vitamin A, C, and several others.Largely because of this he is in high demand for a long time.
root not only ceases to use the interest to the development of medicines, but it can be said on the contrary, is in high demand.Now it is used for weight loss, in order to deal with seasickness, and just to improve th
e general condition.It has been observed that it can remove toxins, reduce blood cholesterol and can deaden.
The ginger root is useful for women.
It is very often used for the purpose of weight loss, it helps the absorption of fat and therefore its use in food.It is necessary before a meal to eat 1 teaspoon grated root mixed with salt and lemon juice.This will positively affect the absorption of food by the body and greatly enhance digestion.
Good help with weight loss ginger tea.To make it, you need to fill a thermos few pieces of root (fresh) with boiling water and wait until the tea infusion.Drink this infusion 30 minutes before a meal if you are on a diet, you can drink when pleased.
It is also used to relieve pain.For example, this feature is often used his women during menstruation.It is also capable of unimat pain in the joints.
The ginger root is useful for men.
heard a lot about the properties of this plant has a beneficial effect on male potency, so all men need every day to eat a few slices of ginger root.
often used in anti-catarrhal symptoms.Perfectly removes temperature, relieves cough, and eliminates other symptoms.Ginger tea is good as a medicine for children, because it has a mild effect on their bodies.
Ginger root is also often used as a means for inhalation.Once you feel the first symptoms of a cold, you need to take a small piece of the plant and to take some time in the mouth.When the tingling in almost pass, then you can bite the root, but not before.
But ginger root and has a number of drawbacks. So, do not eat too much of it every day, it can lead to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or an allergic reaction.Pregnant women should not use ginger, as well as breastfeeding mothers.For children aged up to two years is strictly contraindicated in ginger root.Among adults from its use should be avoided sick with various diseases of the stomach, such as colitis, ulcers, reflux of food.