What foods thin the blood?

By Admin | Health Recipes
08 May 2016
blood - the life force of man, on its quality depends our well-being, health and, of course, the mood.If it is normal, and we feel, respectively, if it begins to acidification, concentration, sharply rising levels of cholesterol in it, and so on. E., We begin to feel it.Malfunctions of the blood through the body is the lack of supply of tissues and organs, and thus begins the deterioration of health.
characteristics of blood should be at an optimum level.If you suddenly start to feel fatigue, drowsiness, your memory is getting worse, then you probably have a blood thickening.
In order blood thinners recommended for use in food or as medicine: berries, figs, willow bark, garlic, lemon, cocoa, pomegranates, oranges, olive oil, beet, chestnuts, artichokes, ginger, sunflower seedssunflower, kalanchoe, lecithin, Potentilla, peony root, dried nettle leaves and some others.
is also advisable to drink plenty of fluids, it is best mixed with coral calcium.It should refrain from those foods
that increase blood clots.This alcohol, buckwheat, sausage, potatoes, bananas, sugar, soft drinks, canned and fatty protein foods.Thicken the blood are able to yarrow, St. John's wort, nettle leaves (fresh), and chokeberry.
very much depends on what kind of water we drink more often.If it is unstructured, contains chlorine, contaminated or carbonated water, the body is forced to its "process" to better fluid thereby expending extra energy and nutrients.According to statistics, our blood is more than 90% of the water and consequently the water quality is very important.If the body is constantly forced to spend its reserves for processing bad water, then as a consequence, it can lead to oxygen starvation of our cells and tissues.
blood clot may also be a consequence of excessive hemoclastic function of the spleen.A similar result can cause a lack of fluid in the body during strenuous exercise, or exposure to hot weather.To avoid this, in both cases you need to drink more water.
happens so that the cause thickening our blood is a malfunction of the liver.The liver produces essential vitamins and nutrients that our body needs, and if for some reason can not cope with this task, the blood begins to thicken.
To resolve this issue, contact your doctor, but if you'll stick to the correct advice and tips to solve this dilemma can be fully and independently!