Ozokerite at home

By Admin | Health Recipes
08 May 2016
What ozokerit?This is one of oil (more precisely, one of the states of petroleum bitumen) has a waxy appearance and consistency.Extract it in several fields all over the world - in the Carpathian Mountains, the British Isles, Canada.
Ozokerite actively used in the early 20th century, but then, about 40's, began to lose positions paraffin - more convenient and cheaper.For this unusual minerals were very small niche - manufacturing of candles and various lubricants.
Today ozokerite, quite unexpectedly, became widespread thanks to the development of alternative methods of treatment - namely, thermotherapy.Ozokerite as if created for this method - in a heated state, it perfectly holds heat, ductile - can take any desired shape.
Ozocerite treatment is used in a wide variety of joint diseases (arthrosis, arthritis, osteochondrosis) to speed recovery after surgery or injury.
How to apply ozocerite treatment at home?
This is no big deal, but some equipment we still nee
d.First of all, two deep pots - big and small.In a small saucepan, we load the pieces ozokerite (you can buy it in pharmacies and specialized online stores).In a large pour water up to the middle and put in it a little so that its bottom is not in contact with the bottom of a large - do for ozocerite "water bath".We wait until our healing oil is not melt (it is better to cover a small pan with a lid to a drop of water does not get inside) and remove it with "fire."Then carefully pour the liquid ozokerite in the prepared container - a shallow pan or tray, the laid special medical oilcloth (regular guaranteed to melt), or not less than "fire-resistant".Melted mineral wax has the consistency of thick jelly and spread on baking sheet.
Waiting for 15-20 minutes and check the readiness of medical products - pierce it with a toothpick or a stick.If the liquid does not appear, then it is ready for use.Take the resulting ozokeritovye "layer" and apply to the affected area.We attach the plastic as clay ozokerites anatomical shape (punched on the contour of the body) shut tight cape and wait 30-35 minutes.Such warming penetrates deep into the tissue and provides a strong and permanent effect.The length of the course (it can be set only your doctor!) Can be from 10-12 to 20-25 procedures.
After the procedure was over, roll into a ball and mineral wax, remove the saucepan in the very next time.Good luck, and do not get sick!