Meals after poisoning

By Admin | Health Recipes
08 May 2016
After the food poisoning is the best medicine - it is peace and refraining from eating.Do not eat at least 24-36 hours.After this time, a moderate diet and proper nutrition.Transition in Foods must be gradual.So, after the expiry of starvation there should be every 4 hours in small portions.The best food at this time will be porridge cooked in water (oatmeal), and Baton with yogurt.On the second day you can already boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, milk porridge, and not just before the third day include a food fish and boiled meat and carrots and mashed potatoes.
After poisoning the body lacks potassium, it can fill in two ways: using the carrot broth (frays 2-3 carrots on a coarse grater and filled with water, boil for 20 minutes, cooled, filtered, and before eating lightlyadd some salt) and a compote of dried apricots, bananas and raisins (compote cook without sugar, fruits, do not eat from it).
If you have a chair bounced back, then you would not have recommended a number of products are:
fresh fruit and vegetables, juices (grapefruit, orange, grape), milk is also better not to use.It is based on milk sugar that in adults is absorbed poorly.It can be added to tea, coffee.
From what better refrain:
- liquid yolk eggs (sunny side up), eggnog from the whites and yolks, cooked soft-boiled eggs;
- aspic, sausage (liverwurst, black, boiled) dishes of meat, pies, jellies;
- spoiled vegetables and fruits, berries;
- Vinaigrette, sliced ​​watermelon, salads.