The bubbles on the feet

By Admin | Health Recipes
07 May 2016
Yesterday you still felt completely healthy and happy person, and today woke up, felt pain in the area of ​​the feet.Glancing at his feet, you suddenly find them in the formation of bubbles, a natural question arises - where they could take?Unfortunately, this problem no one is immune and Statistics anyone can face it.This disease is called allergic dermatitis, although it is unpleasant, but treatable.
The first step is to determine exactly - what he was called.You should know that the perpetrators of his appearance can be irritants two categories:
1. contact dermatitis. its ability to trigger chemical or thermal burns, the use of household chemicals, contact with different plants and so on. D.
2. Toksidermichesky dermatitis. With this type of dermatitis in direct contact with the stimulus is not needed, it appears as an allergic reaction to harmful radiation, taking medication, pollen, and so on. D.
also in elucidating the causes of dermatitis should take into account
the factthat it is not immediately after the direct contact with the irritant.It may take some time until the body accumulate a large concentration of the stimulus, and only then, can occur dermatitis.
establish the specific cause is far from immediately, most likely you will find a number of erroneous conclusions until you get to the true cause.It is best in this situation to seek advice from the doctor, it will help identify the external stimulus.
very dermatitis treatment should undergo a complex method, that is, you need to cease contact with the identified culprit of the disease and gradually get rid of the direct symptoms of the disease.Stick to a number of recommendations:
- Minimize contact with the source of the problem.If this pollen, you should wear a blindfold and try to get round it.If blame dermatitis household chemicals, perform regular cleaning, use rubber gloves with s / w spraying the inside of the glove.
- It is necessary to strictly adhere to a certain diet.So, it is not recommended to consume soda, mayonnaise and sauces, with its foundation, preserves and spicy seasonings.It is recommended to eat fruits and vegetables, often drink green tea, they contribute to the speedy removal from the body of harmful toxins.
- also recommended the use of suprastin, diazolin or equivalent drugs.Well help thiosulfate and sodium and calcium.
- Naturally, as required by the soles of appropriate care.Apply an ointment such as Levosin, Fucidinum, baneotsin, levomekol, Elidel, they are quite cheap, and help in the treatment well.Do not opt ​​for expensive and too overrated advertising options, at best, the effect will be the same, and spend a lot more money.
In no case do not start treatment, not to be confused - Keep a diary of treatment.Proper and regular treatment regimen quickly bring to naught all the symptoms of the disease.