Patchy hair loss

By Admin | Health Recipes
07 May 2016
Patchy hair loss or alopecia breeding - surprisingly unpleasant disease, characterized by a complete loss of hair in the affected area.In contrast to the classical pattern baldness where the hair falls out gradually, "decimation", alopecia is more like an "explosion" - the hair in the "epicenter" drop out completely, and the skin at the site eventually becomes smooth, shiny and very pale - significantly lighter thansurrounding epidermis.
are three types of patchy hair loss - local, nesting and total.In the first case, the lesion alone, and it is usually on the head.In the latter case some of the lesions, and they can coalesce.The affected area is not only the scalp, but also underarms and eyebrows - all that matters, "bulb".Total same areata affects absolutely all body hair, including even delicate "fluff."
surprising that this disease can appear at any person - as pensioners and schoolchildren.The cause of alopecia hair loss when most medical experts believe the failure of the immune sy
stem.The body begins to see hairline foreign bodies, and, of course, is committed as soon as possible get rid of it.
On the nature of the occurrence of this "failure" is defined opinion there - apparently, it can be caused by different reasons:
-High slagging of the body, the presence of carcinogens.
-Significant decreased immunity.
-Pobochnoe use of powerful antibiotic agents.
-One of the forms of destruction of the body for cancer, HIV infection.
Since the causes of patchy hair loss a lot, so the treatment is given depending on the nature of its cause.Treatment of alopecia can deal with both ENT and surgeon, internist and oncologist.
In any case, patchy hair loss should be treated on a mandatory basis - undertreated disease relapse return nearly 100% of cases.Therefore, when the first signs of incipient baldness immediately contact your doctor.