Red dots on the body

By Admin | Health Recipes
07 May 2016
presence of red spots on the body does not cause anxiety in most people.Many of them simply do not notice or do not pay any attention to them.And in vain, because they may be harbingers of serious diseases.For example, they may cause the appearance of gastro-intestinal tract, pancreas, liver, and the vital organs.The reason for their appearance can reveal a dermatologist, based on accurate data.
Consider the most common causes of their cause.
It can be red birthmark , which is considered to be benign tumors.In medicine, they are called angiomas.For some reason they appear on the body, to B has not been found.There are many scientific hypotheses and assumptions, but none acknowledged precise and unconditional.
They are divided into three types: branching hemangioma, capillary hemangioma and tricky.
The most common manifestations are sometimes their legs, arms, chest, face.Type of treatment depends on the variety of hemangioma.The diagnosis is made only after going thr
ough a thorough examination of the course doctor.Some of the popular treatments are: X-ray irradiation, cautery, surgical excision.
But in most cases it capillary hemangioma , which appear with age.In cosmetic terms, they are a major drawback and cause a lot of problems.The people they dubbed "spider veins".
These stars have nothing but how to expand the blood vessels and capillaries.In most cases, they manifest themselves in the face, these "stars" struck more than 80% of the population, but only adults.
main reason for their appearance on the body is considered to be a hormonal crash.Quite often they are observed in nulliparous women, but sometimes they are "congenital."Scientifically they are called teleangiekstazii.
To prevent their appearance, try to include in your diet the following vitamins: C - is able to strengthen the weakened capillaries;K - increases the vascular wall;P - reduces capillary fragility.
main ways to deal with spider veins:
- Electrocoagulation. In fact it is burning stars with a special electrode.Now they have little use because of its effects (on the body are scars).Although until recently, it was one of the most popular methods.
- Ozone. effective method that leaves no visible traces on the body.
- laser method. laser beam affect the blood vessels, the surrounding tissue is not exposed to harmful laser.
- Sclerotherapy. used sclerosant injection killing asterisk.
Before treatment is required to accurately determine the cause of their appearance.