Blisters from burns

By Admin | Health Recipes
07 May 2016
Burns should be avoided, as they are not safe as it might seem.After such a burn may cause blisters on the skin, which is needed for the thorough care, if you do not, you can bring an infection.
To avoid this, you need to know how to respond in such cases.Primarily burn placed under cold water, and then treated with antiseptic that disinfects, and also help to regenerate the surviving cells.
In the case of blisters, you must follow the rules in order to avoid infecting them.It should be carefully monitored to blisters "no burst", thus breaking the natural barrier to bacteria.If, despite your efforts snapped protective film, you should avoid contact with any foreign objects on the area of ​​skin so as not to inadvertently bring the virus.
At first degree burns the skin reddens and only slightly damaged top layer of the epithelium, and such damage heals pretty quickly - within 3-4 days.
If after the burn this place blisters appear, it means burn more, the minimum - this is th
e second degree.With such damage affects not only the top layer of skin, the stratum of the epithelium but also, and this in turn means greater risk and longer treatment.This is due to the need to regenerate the top layer of skin.
period in which to place the infected blisters, is 3-4 hours.The liquid that fills them, is nothing else than the blood plasma.It seeps through the damaged areas of the body and fills a blister formed, it is a natural protective function of the body.In the case of small lesions, you will find only the long-term treatment, and a scar on this site.If it was struck by a large area of ​​the body, then the following symptoms: general weakness of the body, fever, chills.This is due to the fact that the body is throwing all available forces to fight the infection.
use of drugs and ointments for the treatment to be careful and thorough, because the need to stimulate the regeneration of skin.A good option is the use of silver-containing creams and ointments that have antiviral and antimicrobial properties.During the day they are applied under the bandage, and the night was removed and allowed to dry skin.
If the child suffered burns, you should consult a doctor immediately.Children are at high risk and it is important to know the area of ​​the lesion and its depth.
times and after sun exposure on the skin can form small blisters, in this case, skin care should be a regular, or may appear dark spots.
treatment of burns depends on its depth, deeper than it is, the longer will be treated.Healing occurs as follows: - under the formed blisters, skin layers are superimposed one on one, and when the affected area is fully closed, the blisters dry up and fall off.The scar can be visible for a long time, but under the influence of sun and time, and it may disappear, or will be barely noticeable trail.