Numb fingers tips

By Admin | Health Recipes
07 May 2016
Numbness fingertips familiar rather large number of people, and it's not a pleasant feeling.Numbness can occur for a variety of reasons, but in most cases it is due to a clear violation of the normal blood circulation in the hands.If such violation is accompanied by numbness, feeling cold.To solve this problem should be to begin to understand the cause of the numbness of the fingers, and already only then begin to address this problem.
happens so that waking up in the morning, you can feel like numbness in the fingers, but do not panic, and just need to stretch their stiff limbs.It's just a result of sleeping in an uncomfortable position for you.But if the numbness becomes regular, and each time lasts longer and longer, then, without delay, consult a neurologist.
Syndrome lovers.
Here everything is banal simple: during sleep, women love to put his head on his hand man with whom sleep there.And, accordingly, from a long pinch some vascular blood ceases to flow to the fingerti
ps.This numbness can last for quite a long time, but no significant damage can not be held.
When osteochondrosis of the cervical spine is quite common and numbness in the fingers.But one hallmark - numb fingers on one hand, or the right or left.Simultaneous numbness in the hands of two extremely rare and is an exception to the rules.To accurately establish the diagnosis should always consult a doctor.
This term refers to an organic lesion of the nerve plexus hands and fingers.And may alternate numbness and tingling in the fingertips.The greater the damage to the nerves, the more often and longer, these symptoms can last.Polyneuropathy may be the result of some past infectious and functional disorders.But it can provoke, and a notable lack of vitamins in the body.
carpal tunnel syndrome.
In this case, pinched median nerve, which runs through the carpal tunnel.Also causes a tingling sensation and numbness, but it can occur and strong pain in the fingers.Of course, a person suffering such pain can not ignore it, and he should get rid of the causes of its occurrence.A reason is that the hands have to reside in the same position.For example, long-term work at the computer can cause the above mentioned symptoms.To prevent this, simply take short breaks from work and a little workout for your fingers.
thrombosis of the upper extremities.
With this reason, you should be very careful, because if you do not take the necessary measures in time, you can lose the hand.It all begins with small blood clots, with a feeling of numbness and tingling.If the numbness will pass up the hand, and held for one hour, immediately contact the hospital for help.
Raynaud's disease.
In this disease the cause is poor circulation in the fingers and hands.Damaged by small arteries and capillaries in this disease is one of the symptoms that the cold fingers may become white.Put quite an accurate diagnosis of this disease can only be qualified.To prevent its occurrence should not keep long hands in cold water and the cold.
clogging of blood vessels in the brain.
With the threat of stroke, the hand can also numb.Simultaneously, the headache can occur, as well as blood pressure rise.When these symptoms should immediately seek medical help.
other reasons, because of which can numb fingertips.
These include: trauma, rheumatism, diseases of the endocrine system, inflammation of the joints.In any case, to establish the exact cause should go to the nearest medical facility.