Reduces foot at night

By Admin | Health Recipes
06 May 2016
Probably every person in my life had to be faced with such a phenomenon, when the driving leg.Sometimes the legs can be reduced at night and constantly, but if this phenomenon occurs rarely, then you have nothing to worry about.
Why is this happening and how to deal with this problem?
The causes of night cramps can be:
1.Nehvatka in the body of calcium, potassium, magnesium and others.
2.When diuretic medications.
5.Aktivnoe sports, which put a strain on the calves.
Even if you have some of the reasons, you should first consult a doctor.
To avoid cramps, follow these simple guidelines:
If you smoke, you should quit this occupation, because smoking gives complications in the legs and other organs.
Take your vitamins.
do yourself a foot massage will relieve you of a certain percentage of such seizures.
If most of the time you expose the feet load, then you should give them a rest, for example, lie down, if you do it not, then le
t down his feet on another chair.
the morning, eat cheese and dried apricots.Sometimes this is enough to get rid of the seizures.
When stressful situations before bedtime take a sedative.
If you wear high-heeled shoes, then this is the cause of night cramps because when wearing such shoes eventually stop legs deformed.Shoes should be changed from high to low heel.
Monitor your spine.When sedentary work, he also becomes a cause of convulsions.
In the house go barefoot.
to get rid of sudden seizures, perform the following exercises:
To remove the muscle spasm, intense mash leg, do a little massage in convulsions.
Pull socks on his feet help hands heel must go forward.
If you can get out of bed, then stand on the leg, which has a cramp and carry the entire weight of the body on the heel.
Can bedside leave a piece of metal or something cold to stand in convulsions on the subject, thus make the pain soon pass.
Before going to bed, wash his feet in cold water, can also be placed under the feet something to his legs were slightly above the level of the head.