Liver cysts: causes, symptoms and treatment

By Admin | Health Recipes
06 May 2016
In humans, there are no unimportant organs, each of them performs its particular function without which a person can not live a full life and feel healthy.But talk about the importance of the liver and of its functions requires a special approach, because the liver is a kind of cleansing the body.All the blood passes through it and cleaned of contaminants.In addition, the body produces various substances from glucose, which is the energy reserve of the whole body, and the liver is involved in the synthesis of proteins of the blood.
Although the liver and is one of the most important organs, from which much depends in the body, it suffers in most cases first.One of the most serious diseases associated with this body is a cyst of the liver.What does it represent?The cyst develops inside the body of the bile ducts, which gradually transformed into a cavity in which there is gradually growing epithelium, in consequence of which these cavities are filled with a liquid formed.The reasons for the emer
gence and development of this disease are not entirely clear, it is assumed that the cyst is a congenital defect that develops parallel to the body.But in most cases the tumors are benign and grow relatively slowly, and reach maturity in 40-50 years only human.
As there is no clear opinion on the causes of its appearance, and there is no single treatment for all.The course of treatment is determined on an individual basis, this is due to the fact that often the cyst of the liver develops in combination with other infections and diseases, here on this complex and depends directly the treatment itself.The very recognition of the disease without a special survey is quite difficult, its symptoms are mild.But often it is accompanied by the appearance of not strong pain in the abdominal area (at the top) and a similar pain below the ribs on the right side.
possible asymmetry in the disease occurrence in the abdomen that is due to illness will be allocated one side over another.But it is quite an accurate diagnosis can be taken only after the ultrasound.
In folk medicine, have their own hypotheses about the causes of the emergence of this disease, and there are proven methods to treat it.They are quite a lot and they are very different from one another, there is even a recipe based on the use of poison some plants, but untrained people better not even try to apply.But there are also quite acceptable for any man.Here is one of them - must be collected young leaves of burdock and squeeze the juice from them (using a juicer or grinder), it is considered the best to use in May mug.This juice should be drunk every time before eating about 1-2 tablespoons.Juice after the pomace can be stored no longer than three days.The treatment is one month, and then repeat the procedure for the diagnosis and if the disease is gone, then a month later, the course is repeated again.The treatment is best carried out in the spring.