How to withdraw from the body of parasites?

By Admin | Health Recipes
06 May 2016
Few of us think about the one who dwells in our body.We used to think that the parasites - this is something concrete, such as worms, and can only be got in very unscrupulous people who neglect the elementary rules of hygiene.For example, the homeless and alcoholics and include, but ordinary people - no.
Nothing like that.Even according to various health associations, very, very understated, parasites infected at least 60-80% of the world population.And based on the results of specific specialized "investigation" is that each of those who are not engaged in its internal "cleansing", infected dozens of different kinds of uninvited "guests."
Parasites live everywhere, in all organs and tissues of the body.And a single way that you can get rid of them, do not exist.Since a great number of parasites, and an approach to getting rid of them is to be comprehensive:
- Many sharp spices and seasonings are "parazitogonnym" means - mustard, red and black pepper, adjika, horseradish and radish.Regular us
e them in everyday menu to evict so many "guests".
- Some herbs such as wormwood, also have a pronounced anti-parasitic effect - you need to use such a decoction from time to time.
- Parasites are perfectly adapted to life in an acidic environment.It is in our body create products mainly of animal origin - meat, fish, dairy.Also, "acidifying" roast and boiled the body (in a word, the entire thermally processed food), food, meats and pastries.To create parasites uncomfortable environment, alkaline, you need to eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds - all the things that had not been "killed" by heat.The higher the percentage of such products in your body, the more alkaline environment it has.Therefore, the more unfavorable conditions for living parasites it represents.
natural addition, "granny" methods, there are many drug and hardware methods antiparasitic cleaning.They show a good local result, such as a bowel cleansing or cleaning of blood, but permanent effect can not give, because the parasites still return to the "sour" the body.
Therefore, the best way to get rid of the parasites can be a gradual transition to a predominantly natural food of plant origin with hot spices and regular cleaning - in clinics or their own.