Unpleasant smell from the nose

By Admin | Health Recipes
06 May 2016
you notice an unpleasant odor from the nose, then you ozena.Özen - a disease of the nasal mucosa.Oddly enough, but men rarely suffer from this disease than women.
exact cause of the disease could not figure out.Opinions diverged from experts and no one was able to prove his innocence.But still the most plausible reason can be considered as irritation and damage to the pterygopalatine node.
manifestation of disease can be considered the moment when completely free breathing nose felt uncomfortable with the presence of something alien or dryness in the nasal cavity.Also, the loss of smell can say that you are sick Ozen.Under this option, you stop to smell, you start from the nasal cavity to reach others vile, disgusting smell, as it was due to the accumulation of large amounts of foul-smelling crusts in your nose.
If you suspect that you are ill Ozen, contact the ENT doctor for rhinoscopy.After the examination, the doctor will prescribe you a treatment method based on the stage of the disease.
conservative method of treatment of the disease involves deodorization and removal of dryness in the nasal cavity.The nose is washed with 3% hydrogen peroxide or slaborozovym solution of potassium permanganate.
doctor may prescribe you Gotshteyna tamponade.In such treatment the nasal cavity filled with gauze moistened in advance in a 2% iodine solution in glycerin.With the ball in the nose would have to spend a couple of hours.After removing the swab will leave fetid crusts.
may prescribe the use of hlorofillokarotinovoy paste.In each nostril administered candle made from this paste 1 times a day for 1 month.When complications such course is repeated about 4 times a year.
In severe and frequent disease can interfere with surgery.By surgery artificially reduce the nasal cavity.Ways to reduce weight, but the most gentle way is the introduction of a mucosal tissue of the nasal cavity fat or cartilage, bone.Who can use instead of the bone called foam differently called ivalon.