Vodka with pepper cold

By Admin | Health Recipes
06 May 2016
All of us from time to time have a cold - especially in winter and spring, when the body is weakened and more susceptible to the influence of harmful bacteria.Dermatologic cold (or, in other words, SARS) is difficult - it is, rather, a weakened immune system and fight the symptoms, in fact, "a labor of Sisyphus."But help the body, in any case, need.So we lay on the bed with a cup of hot lemon tea or antiprostudnogo "infusion" type TeraFlu or Fervex.But sometimes you want to try something more natural, potent, and "instant".And then come to the aid of half-forgotten "grandmother recipes".For example, such as vodka infusion furious with pepper.
far as it can help with colds?Let's see.Burning red pepper is an excellent antiseptic, a stimulant and vasodilator.Vodka, like any alcohol - a vasodilator and an anesthetic.Thus, a powerful blow to the virus at the same time stimulating the body's defense systems.Can help against colds?Perhaps especially in the early stages, when the immune system needs to be l
iterally "shake".
But it should be understood that the body, which is already engaged in a struggle with pathogens, the load gets more and decomposition products of alcohol - and it's not too good.Therefore, to use this method of shock to be very careful, especially if you have liver problems and heart.
Our body - very thin and individually "sharpened" tool.Pay attention to his reaction.If vodka with pepper was accepted by them badly - fever, general deterioration of health has come, in the future, "treated" in a manner not worth it.Well, of course, do not need to use this method to children, women and the elderly.