What if his feet stink?

By Admin | Health Recipes
06 May 2016
faced the same problem all, both men and women.No one is immune from this.In fact it is not even a disease and not a disease.The reasons for the mass, from shoes to microbes.
Many people know that the smell of feet, it does not smell of sweat, the smell of decomposition products with the participation of the microbes that live in the sweat glands.Microbes can join fungus.The fungus can be derived using various medicines and toothpastes.Also bacteria and fungus may be to blame for shoes, socks, and no matter what shoes winter or summer.
If you wear synthetic socks or shoes, of which there is synthetic, it can be a problem, since the contact of the skin and synthetic heat transfer from the skin is reduced and the work start germs.
If feet stink, what to do and how to be?
1. It is necessary to approach personal care with all the responsibility and thoroughness.Now the hot and cold water and plenty of tools for personal hygiene similarly.Immediately it should start using antibacterial soap
when washing your feet.In the summer wash your feet more than 5 times a day.So wash your feet often worth when they often perspire.
2. After washing your feet, they must be thoroughly dry.
3. In his free time, try to do the feet of contrast baths in the tub can add a simple tea, sea salt or some collection of useful herbs.
4. Purchase, a deodorant for the feet, or various ointments (such as Teymurova paste).
5. Begin to wear leather shoes.
6. Socks best to use cotton.Surely cotton socks to find you can not, so you should apply the frequent change of socks.Change your socks 2-3 times a day, used socks immediately submit to the washing machine.
If you have a problem or had not bothered you after repeated attempts to get rid of the nasty smell tired, then you need to consult a dermatologist.Your doctor will advise you and recommend what you did not know.