Pain in the ankle

By Admin | Health Recipes
05 May 2016
ankle - a bone bump or bone formation, which has a projection on the sides of the legs, around the lower leg.
ankle plays a major role in the movement of a person using her man carries the body weight on the foot.The most common ankle injury is a sprain in the ankle joint.
can identify the most common ankle injury:
1. When walking, you can make a sloppy move, which will lead to inversion of the foot outward.With this injury can stretch and even tear ligaments, muscles.With this eversion injuries in place, there is a significant darkening of the skin, swelling, and even in some cases leads to a loss of movement.
2. Other injury resulting from chronic stress in a standing position or a long walk.This injury is less dangerous, but can still cause considerable harm.With this injury occurs inflammation of the tendons, such as the ahilovoe tendon.This tendon is located from the heel to the back surface of the ankle.When long load can be formed bursitis is pain, which occurs when inflammati
on of the joint.
3. Those people who are actively involved in sports, may overtake crack or fracture of the ankle.Such fractures on x-rays can be seen only after 6 weeks from the date of injury.
4. Even some diseases, such as gout, can cause pain in the ankle.The fact that in this disease, debugged uric acid crystals in the joints, and swelling occurs at that location.
5. If poor circulation and nerve damage may also experience pain in the ankle.
6. When the wrong choice of shoes for sport or a simple walk or shoes without arch support also can cause pain in the ankles.