How to deal with foot odor?

By Admin | Health Recipes
05 May 2016
This problem is familiar to many first-hand, it often affects men who work every day physically.As the disease called scientific bromidrosis.From bromidrosis suffer not only the carriers of this disease, but also their loved ones.For this reason, should proceed immediately to its elimination, immediately after its discovery in itself.It is not so difficult, just follow the instructions outlined below and a number of disease gradually recede.
1. It should be washed as often as possible, especially in the washing of the feet.Start to wash the feet of 3-5 times a day with soap that will not irritate your skin.
2. It should be very careful in washing sweaty feet.First, we should make the legs contrast bath.Then you need to add water lemon juice and ice, it will kill caustic smell of sweat.After the procedure, feet rubbed with funds available in its structure alcohol.In hot weather, this procedure should be carried out daily.
3. Use saline.To do this, mix one liter of water with salt (half a cup) a
nd rinse it with a solution of legs.
4. It is recommended to apply for the feet means that you use for underarms, ie, antiperspirants, deodorants.It is better to use those which are composed of antimicrobial agents.
5. Use of aluminum chloride hexahydrate with deodorizing powder.
6. Change your socks, remember that if you put on washed feet are not new socks, the unpleasant smell of them will be transferred and legs.The best are made of cotton, wool or acrylic.But it is better to experiment a bit to see what is best suited to you.
7. Eliminate shoes made of synthetic material or rubber.In such shoes legs simply do not breathe, which in turn promotes the active reproduction of microbes.
8. Always ventilate your shoes as often as possible to change it.
9. Do not eat onions, garlic, and hot spices.They contribute to the release of noxious fumes feet.
10. Whenever possible, less worry, because stress is also a cause sweating.