Running in the evening

By Admin | Health Recipes
05 May 2016
Our body needs not only in the regular sleep, food, leisure, but also at least a regular physical activity, and quite diverse.If you go to the gym and think that leads a healthy lifestyle, it is misleading.The local load on the large muscle groups can enlarge them and make them more strength, but no more.
Our body is necessary, first of all, to maintain the overall tone of the skeletal muscles (and not so much on the "swinging" as tensile strength and elasticity), and especially - the extensor-flexor muscles of the spine.Equally important are the cardiovascular and respiratory stress - exercise, under which stimulates the activity of the lungs and heart sosudnistoy system.And if the muscle training best suited joint isometric exercises (stretching, yoga, etc.), then in order to maintain the "heart and lungs" difficult to come up with something better and more useful evening jogging.
Why evening jogging?Because after a hard day's work is vital to the body "detente", the realization of accumulated
muscular, articular, and nervous tension.Running at an easy pace does not require significant energy costs, so it can perform even if the power is left entirely "on the bottom."So, what advantages can be identified for an evening jog:
1. Maintaining muscle tone of skeletal muscles, remove their stress.The same, but to a lesser degree relates to joints.
2. Psychological discharge.Any work - a chain mikrostressov, and the best way to get rid of them safely is just exercise.After 30-40 minutes of jogging nervous system comes to an optimal state - you fall asleep and perfectly wonderful night's sleep (between exercise and bedtime should be at least an hour).
3. Stimulation of the cardiovascular system and respiratory system.Any system should be used, otherwise it starts to deteriorate.If vessels reg- not "train" not to drive hard on them the blood, they begin to lose their elasticity, "collapse."The same occurs in the lungs - they lose their functionality.
Of course, like any load, evening jogging must be done correctly, otherwise it may not be an effective means of maintaining physical shape, and useless, and even harmful pastime:
1. For running you need to buy special shoes- it is sold in all sports shops.It reduces the impact load on the foot, thereby protecting your joints from unnecessary burdens.
2. The best option for an evening run - a park or a forest park.Fresh air and nature will be another powerful health-improving factor.In second place is the stadium equipped with a treadmill.Special rubber coating further reduces the load on the foot / knee / hip joints.But running on the asphalt near the roadway - a dubious use.Not only will you inhale exhaust gases, there are also "stone coating" is not like your feet.
3. Optimal time run 20-40 minutes.Hours or more, this is a serious exercise load, and it will not refresh, but rather, exhausted and exhausted you.