Why numb lips?

By Admin | Health Recipes
05 May 2016
in a few number of people have little discomfort, numbness of the lips.The causes of such troubles can be a variety of factors.In order to establish the exact causes of the best turn to a specialist.
The cause numbness of the lips can be a lack of vitamin group B. Surely everyone knows that the lack of any vitamin in the body can lead to tragic consequences.If the body is deficient in vitamin B1, the body can occur such changes as the sluggishness of certain body parts and their numbness.
To restore this vitamin in the body eat rye hlebushek, nuts or beef.
With a shortage of vitamin B2 can start hair loss will be a defeat of the nervous system.To fill this vitamin can be eating mushrooms, liver or yolk of egg.
If numbness of the lips except you do not see frequent spasms of limbs, it means that your body does not have enough vitamin B6.Eating fish, beef and more vegetables you restore the right amount of this vitamin in your body.
To increase the amount of vitamin B12 drink sour milk and
eat fish liver.Lack of this vitamin can also be the cause numbness of the lips.
with neuritis of the facial nerve violated impulses that are sent to the brain to the muscles of the face.With this disease, immediately contact your doctor, if you run the problem, then you happen facial paralysis, and your face will be distorted.Treatment of this disease is made with medication.
numbness of the lips may also be caused by migraine.Everyone knows that migraine occurs in stressful situations, for the body, with a strong fatigue and lack of sleep.In order not to experience his body migraine, adjust your mode of work and rest.Remember that sleep is important for a person, and it is not necessary to break his schedule.
in high or low blood pressure is also observed numbness of the lips and extremities.At the same time, you may experience dizziness, loss of coordination and headache.Frequent change in pressure, contact your physician.
In the initial stage of developing diabetes decrease the sensitivity of some parts of the body and limbs.It should seek immediate medical attention, asthe disease can cause great damage to health.
Be healthy, not get sick!