Itchy eyes

By Admin | Health Recipes
05 May 2016
In the era of the World Wide Web and new computer technologies, there was plenty of stimuli that would adversely affect certain organs of the body.Monitors PC greatly affect the function of the eye.Some people work at the computer, and some simply waste their precious time.Due to some reason began to develop a lot of eye diseases.
If you bother to meet with such a problem, as frequent scratching your eyes, then you should check out their organs of a physician ophthalmologist.The doctor will examine your eyes and make a diagnosis of your illness and prescribe you a course of treatment.Sami you can not determine or have occurred allergy or some disease, aslacrimation decrease can be issued for allergies, but in fact can be a disease that is more common in the elderly.
Some diseases can also affect the function of the eye, such as a disease like herpes.Also, if eye disease may be a bacterial or viral conjunctivitis.
In a lot of cases, the eyes can be scratched due to allergens such as dust still,
paint, aerosols and many others.If you have not scratched eye lid, then there may be problems with the cornea.With this problem immediately consult a doctor, otherwise the consequences could be bad.At the present time in drugstores weight drops to the eye that can shoot ailments such as redness or even some eye ailments.When using eye drops, an allergen, which is in the eye thickens and soon follows with a tear, as well as using the drops improves the protective function of the tear film.However, with frequent use of drops, they can begin to harm instead of good.
Some people with scratching the eye appears swollen eyes.This problem is more common in the fair sex.The impact of cosmetics, late meal or just a banal lack of sleep can cause swelling around the eyes.The main symptoms are: swelling, redness, circles dusky color.To get rid of this disease, can be applied ointment for hemorrhoids on the area around the eyes.You can make yourself a little massage in this area, it also is very good.Make cold packs, masks, vegetables, potatoes, cucumber.
Hit the eye, or any illness is very simple.The most common illnesses are: uveitis, keratitis, glaucoma, damage to the cornea.As is known to properly treated, it is necessary to find the true ills.If you have an allergic disease, the doctor will prescribe you the eyedrops that contain incorporates all the necessary components.