Night sweats

By Admin | Health Recipes
05 May 2016
In many patients, there is a feeling of embarrassment to say the doctor about sweating at night.Sweating at night can be the cause of the disease.
Causes of hyperhidrosis can be any brand, such as room temperature or quality of the materials of which are made accessories for sleep.Many may occur allergic to synthetic material from which made pillow, blanket and even a feather, and allergies may occur from the use of natural feathers, fluff.In most cases help small room ventilation at night in the winter and in the summer is the best time to sleep with the windows half-open to the room incoming fresh air.If ventilation does not help, you should try to change the bedding.
If even after these procedures, night sweats continues to annoy you, then you should contact your doctor for an examination.
night sweats may provoke a number of diseases such as inflammation or infection, tuberculosis, menopause, hormonal background, the disorder of the nervous system and it is not the entire list.In the case
of detection of a disease, the treatment is not exposed to perspiration, and the disease itself.
If the survey did not reveal anything, no disease is found, the cause of night sweats may be hyperhidrosis.This disease is treated in two ways, chemical and surgical.It is better to try such treatment means our grandmothers:
1. From night sweats can help a decoction made from the bark of oak and willow.This decoction should make hard, and after add the 1 teaspoon of vinegar diluted with water.Before going to bed after a shower you need to rinse your body with this solution.
2. Also in pharmacies sold a collection of herbs from the night sweating.
3. Take a bath with the addition of chamomile and sea salt.Such bath soothing effect on the nervous system, sweat glands and promotes sound and untroubled sleep.
4. Use the tincture of horsetail on vodka.Infuse it takes a few days.One part of the broth, add horsetail in ten parts vodka.Before going to bed, wipe this infusion of problem areas.
5. This problem can be solved for a while.To do this, the problem areas inject Botox.For about 4 months, you will not wake up from that night sweating.
hyperhidrosis If you do not help people's methods, then you certainly need to see a doctor for drastic measures.During surgery, the problem area of ​​skin is removed, the consequences of such an operation are as prominent scars.
Agree on operation costs in the event that you are in no way help to traditional methods.