White spots on the nails

By Admin | Health Recipes
04 May 2016
White spots on the nails appear in any person, the person's age in this case does not play a big role.Some of the people such spots do not cause the disorder, but it may signal a possible serious problems in your health.
There are a number of reasons due to which there are white spots on the nails.
- One large spot on the nail is a result of experienced severe stress.
- In renal failure spots on the nails appear at the bottom.
- If spots appear in the form of two pairs of strips and are arranged transversely to the nail plate, it indicates that the body is very great lack of proteins.This occurs in the cause of people with anorexia and those who are interested in diets.
- randomly distributed white spots indicate a nail injury.
- The appearance of white spots on the nails will cause a shortage in the body iron, calcium, zinc and vitamins A, C, E.
White spots also appear in that group of people who have problems with the stomach and intestines, brokenor abnormal metabolism, ski
n diseases and nail fungus, diseases of the heart.
The treatment of white spots on the nails is not difficult.
1. Perov thing you need to establish the cause of these spots.Be careful how often you eat dairy products, beans, fish, parsley, milk.
2. When you experience stress and emotional experiences you need to spend a soothing course of your nervous system.
3. If all the treatments you could not determine the cause of the appearance and get rid of the stains, do not debug in the closet and call your doctor.
Also, you can help in the fight against traditional recipes with white spots on the nails.
1. You need to steam nails in hot water and cut a clove of garlic to rub your nails carefully.Garlic not only help you get rid of stains but also strengthen your nails.
2. Do your nails small water treatment.Take a bath with a decoction of parsley and sea salt.Immerse rugi in the tub for about 20 minutes.Parsley will whitening effect on your nails and hands.
3. After making procedure trays rub nails fish oil around the cuticle itself.After that, wipe your hands thoroughly on each nail, apply a drop of oil would be the best olive oil.Let the oil soak.