What to do with low body temperature?

By Admin | Health Recipes
04 May 2016
normal body temperature is the temperature in the region of 36.6 + - 0.2 degrees, but there are people for whom the normal temperature will be below the average mark on their bodies and the state is such a thing as does not effect, this phenomenon is called hypothermia.But in some cases, this temperature indicates the disease.
If you such a thing is not the body's habitual, you should contact your doctor for examination.
Such a state accustomed to breast feeding mothers and pregnant women.It can also be due to reduced immunity, intoxication, reduced hemoglobin and many other changes in the body.It should be immediately treated and under the strict supervision of the attending physician.
At high physical activity, while breastfeeding, from extreme fatigue, lack of sleep and over-voltage may decrease your body temperature.
If you recently started a lot of experience, for whatever reasons, are experiencing stress, you need to pick up for soothing your body and sedatives, and you need to protec
t yourself from all sorts of experiences, more sleep and eat right.Sedations better to choose plant-based ingredients.
Reception aralia, ginseng, Siberian Ginseng will give good results.They are able to stimulate the body and toning.Eat necessary in the morning and at lunch.Doctors often recommend hops, valerian or motherwort.The course of such treatment lasts 3-4 weeks.Use such means preferably at night before going to bed 15-20 minutes.
If all the above means you are not able to help, and you continue to have discomfort in your body, you should contact your doctor for advice to more effective medicines.