Why is dry mouth?

By Admin | Health Recipes
04 May 2016
feeling when our lips are dry, unpleasant.It creates a sense of enormous build-up of dry skin that does not diminish and do not disappear.Dry lips indicating certain problems in the body.
Causes of dry mouth can be diverse.These include insufficient amount of water in the body.The dehydrated body can not fill their own water molecules the cells responsible for skin hydration.In this case it is possible to solve the problem of consuming more water.Better spring.
Low blood levels of sugar, may cause dryness of the skin of the lips.By increasing the proportion of sweet in daily diet to get rid of a lack of sugar.
Lack of vitamins leads to the majority of undesirable effects, including dry mouth.Recovering from an illness, the body needs more vitamins.
opinions of doctors agree the recommendations to drink more water and constantly replenish the supply of nutrients and trace elements.
cause of the cracks on the lips can be a lack of iron in the body.To find out which drugs are able to restor
e the reserves of iron, will visit a doctor.
Dry mouth corners arises from the lack of moisture and fat.In order to overcome this problem, you must bedtime thickly applied to the corners of the lips special cream.As part of the cream should be panthenol and chamomile.
for proper lip care, lipsticks should not contain glycerin.In dry areas protoplennyh glycerin is able to pick up moisture from the lip.The good effect gives the lipstick, which include grass.