Shelled eyelids and eyebrows

By Admin | Health Recipes
04 May 2016
peeling eyebrows and eyelids is a symptom of the disease.So to treat this problem, you must install the causes of peeling.If you have peeling apart there itching and loss of hair from the eyebrows, these symptoms may be the cause of some diseases.
main and important cause of skin peeling eyelids, eyebrows, and hair loss is hormonal failure, as a result of prolonged stress.First you need to drink a course of sedatives.
alternating flaxseed and almond oil, you manage to get rid of the scales and restore the hairs on the eyebrows.Do this in the evening about 15 minutes.Oil little warm up before use.
also cause peeling a little mite, which we ourselves do not see it can just make out a special doctor.With the defeat of mite, shelled and blush forever, begins pain in the eyes, can pus from the eyes, very intense itching.With this disease in any case, do not use oils and ointments.You first have to get rid of the tick by rubbing the affected places with a disinfectant solution, and after starting th
e recovery process.You can also wipe the decoction of juniper and rinse decoction of the bark of buckthorn.
still possible to wash tar soap, it cleans the skin and removes all sorts of stimuli, but, despite its usefulness, many did not like it because of the specific odor.More from mite is very good Sulfuric ointment.
Get rid of peeling you can help the people of the method and means, Wash broth chamomile, yarrow, calendula, cucumber water.If peeling is a consequence of an allergy, then you first need to go through therapy for allergies.