What helps heartburn?

By Admin | Health Recipes
04 May 2016
What is heartburn?This is a process where excess acid from the stomach into the esophagus, thus causing you a feeling of heaviness and burning.Many experienced heartburn, and it bothers some regularly.It is an unpleasant feeling - like and there is no pain and discomfort is present.The reasons that can provoke its appearance are very different, for example: an afternoon nap, you eat chocolate, spices, fried foods during pregnancy, it may appear strong overwork, stress, the presence of excess weight, the use of aspirin and other antibiotics, excessive food intake.
What is heartburn? This is extremely unpleasant burning sensation behind the rib cage, it usually occurs after a meal and can last up to three hours.This feeling is greatly increased if you lie down or bend over.It is also possible to warn the unpleasant appearance of heartburn, but let's talk about what to do if it is taking place.In this case it is necessary to resort to a simple decision - to eat or shoot this feeling.For example,
pineapple is very good, it is an effective natural remedy for relieving heartburn.It has a similar effect and ordinary cinnamon, enough to take a pinch of cinnamon and sprinkle it on bread and eat it.Sometimes, heartburn can be confused with a heart burning, these two feelings are similar, but both of them can be eliminated with the help of tea of ​​mint, lavender and anise.The tea is sure to add a little honey.If you need to always have on hand a reliable way, it is sufficient to dry the peel of grapefruit, which always helps to eliminate the unpleasant sensation of heartburn.
In the case of heartburn you happens only occasionally, a particularly worrying is no need, but if it becomes a regular and caused such diseases as cholecystitis, gastritis, duodenal ulcer, then you immediately should contacta doctor.
Traditional methods of treatment. juice squeezed from raw potato is a good tool.The rate of acceptance - one dessert spoon three times a day.If the pain is pretty strong, the acceptance rate is doubled.If the pain is there every day, then an excellent means against her will be crushed egg shells.Take three times a day for 0.5 teaspoon.Well to mineral water containing alkali.Get it only in glass bottles, because the plastic breaks alkali.Chewing oats or barley well eliminates heartburn.You just need them to chew on for a while and swallowed salivate.And it is worth remembering that any illness is only a consequence, and the cause of its occurrence lies in our health, lifestyle, and how we monitor their health.All of these tools will certainly remove heartburn, but it is more important to find the cause of its occurrence and fix it than the very heartburn.