The smear the burn?

By Admin | Health Recipes
03 May 2016
sometimes by accident, sometimes because of simple negligence, we can burn, of course it is unpleasant, but not fatal.And we, knowing this, immediately begin to think and what to grease burn?Now is available a lot of special creams that can help in this situation.But in most cases, not just those at hand in this situation it is better to know that you can use instead.In no case do not use people's advice, recommending to grease salt, fat, oil, alcohol, urine, or other means.
Why not apply these folk remedies?For example, if you burned area smazhetsya urine, then you are very much at risk, as with it in an open wound can easily infiltrate any infection, which may be the result of festering wounds.In the event that you use as a first means of fat or oil, then this also only harm you.The fact is that the oil is applied to the wound, will operate on the principle of a thermos, that is, it will impede access of fresh air to the wound, causing longer "after-burning" burn. The term active action oil i
s three days, one word you justprolong the pain itself at this time. Even in hospitals where come people with burns treated with oil, doctors waiting for three days, before they are able to establish the correct diagnosis.
Similarly, with recommendations to handle the burnt place with salt -nothing but unnecessary pain you do not get it. You can make a comparative parallel with the cuts, because in fact in this case, the salt gets on the open wound, but in the case of a cut we realize the futility of this idea. So why when you get burned, you need to do this?The obvious answer is that it is more likely to harm than help will.
But let's look at how it's worth to behave in such situations.First of all if you get burned or someone on your eyes, then you need to put the burned area under running water (cold, such as tap).Holding the burn for 15 minutes under the water, you can take the water to the side, it did the trick.Water as it cools the burn and stops harmful tissue destruction and slightly relieves pain.Carefully inspect the damaged area, in case the plot is quite extensive and it got off the skin and formed large bubbles, it is necessary to call an ambulance, without taking any measures.If the burn is not as extensive and it has only a couple of small bubbles, then you can manually start treatment.To purchase this at your local pharmacy drug panthenol, which you can easily find in any of them.It comes in the form of a spray or ointment, spray is more convenient, but it is more expensive.Before you apply it on the wound, pat the burn clean bandage to remove moisture.The result is a protective layer which prevents penetration of infection, which at the same time not harm the skin.
also possible to use any other ointments protivoozhogovyh if you have one.Panthenol is a simple as the best option to solve this problem, it prevents the penetration of infections and, at the same time, the air to the wound has free access.If a small area of ​​damage, the application of a bandage is not necessary, but if it is, roughly, the area of ​​the palm - without it can not do!