Why a mole itches?

By Admin | Health Recipes
03 May 2016
Moles are present in every person, some people are quite large.Nevus, or simple mole is defective form of the skin, they can appear at any time of life.Immediately after the birth of a little baby birthmark almost completely absent, and after a few years they begin to appear.Some doctors are of the opinion that the baby initially have moles, but they are too small to be distinguished by the naked eye.The most active period of the appearance of moles - is puberty.Moles can appear anywhere on the body, even inside the mouth.
Most birthmarks do not cause any trouble to their owners, and people live with them without problems for life.
But what should I do if a mole suddenly itching?Do I need to worry for this reason?
According to official medicine such means itching cell growth and division.Thus the problem is that because of this there is a malignant tumor growth.Symptoms that may serve as itching and redness of the place and in rare cases exudation.If you have some or all of the
above symptoms, you should make an appointment with a specialist on issues - a dermatologist.In some cases, we need to get rid of moles, but then again you should not self-medicate, it will let experts.
If itching happens periodically, you should not hurry to remove a mole, birthmark can thus react to external factors such as a sharp change in weather.