The gargle for sore throat?

By Admin | Health Recipes
03 May 2016
Those who suffered from angina, are familiar with excruciating pain in the throat during the illness, it is a consequence of the continued angina.Still, you can relieve the pain, or at least reduced by rinsing.What is acceptable to rinse sore throat disease?
One of the most famous and popular among the funds is the solution prepared from the salt, iodine and sodium.For its preparation must be mixed in warm water for one teaspoon baking soda and salt, and to add 3 to 5 drops of iodine.Preparation of the solution to rinse the throat should be 5-6 times a day.
also good tools for gargling may be prepared on the basis of dried herbs.For example, a dry sage makes an excellent remedy for gargling.To cook it you need to take two teaspoons of dried sage and pour one cup of boiling water and let stand about 10 minutes infusion, after which it was filtered.It is also permissible to add to the infusion of one teaspoon of salt (sea).This means throat rinse 4-5 times a day.
pretty effective remedy is a mixture of plantain leaves, inflorescences calendula and sage grass.They must be mixed in equal parts, and then take one tablespoon of the mixture and pour boiling water over it.The broth is necessary to hold in a water bath for 15 minutes, then strain.Applied regularly at intervals of two hours.
the same purpose and used a decoction of the flowers of chamomile pharmacy.To prepare the broth take one tablespoon of daisies and poured two glasses of water, and always hot.Further placed in a water bath and heated for another 15 minutes.The broth is cooled, filtered and added to it honey, one teaspoon.
permissible to add chamomile flowers in equal parts and linden flowers as lime has similar medicinal properties.Next, take one tablespoon of the mixture and pour the boiling water, one cup.The rest of the cooking process is similar to the above.
Sometimes, as a means to gargle used weak manganese solution.But in this case, be sure to watch out for, so that the grains of potassium permanganate is completely soluble in water, not otherwise avoid burn the mucous membrane.