Toothache for crowns

By Admin | Health Recipes
03 May 2016
When the doctor dentist places a crown on your tooth, it must exactly follow the shape of the tooth and closely adhere to it, otherwise unpleasant situation may be different.For example, under the crown of a toothache.Unfortunately we do in most such cases, crowns not only have the shape of a tooth, but sometimes are set wrong.
eliminate tooth pain depending on what is the cause of the pain caused.
Toothache occurs in under a crown may be the result of torn nerves, possibly not all of its end has been removed.Or there was the inflammatory process that went on in the area of ​​periodontal.To remove this pain means the method of rinsing, made on the basis of some medicinal herbs.Good help in this situation rinse "Stomatofitom".Some doctors advise in such cases to put a hot boiled egg outside of the cheek to the patient area.It is also used for the treatment of physiotherapy who are directly appointed by the doctor.
Sometimes, the reason is that the teeth become loose due to the use
of prostheses - perhaps your dentures do not correspond to the shape of the teeth and should make new ones.
But more often the cause of pain is the presence of periodontitis, or pulpit, these diseases may occur due to wrong chosen treatment or in cases of poor installation of the prosthesis.In that case the ill-fitting dentures, in the region between the prosthesis and the tooth space may remain.Here, in this space, and then stuck the different pieces of food, which are actively multiplying bacteria.As a consequence of this may be a cyst or a flux for the treatment in both cases used antibiotics, but only after the opening of the crown.
similar situation can arise if there was a secondary caries.For the treatment of a dental crown, and after its completion set a new crown to its original location.
to the doctor with this problem should be addressed at a time when you hardly feel the aching pain in the tooth.Such weak pain indicates early stage problem and at this stage it is easiest to remove.And the doctor is not always resorted to the removal of a tooth crown, but many fear that it is, and postpone until the last moment trip to the doctor.It is worth remembering that in saving your tooth needs rather than artificial prosthesis!