Plaques in blood vessels

By Admin | Health Recipes
03 May 2016
Quite a number of people mistakenly believe that the formation of plaques in blood vessels occur only in the elderly, but it is completely untrue.The earliest formed layers of plaque in the arteries and blood clots may appear in 20 years.
And the destructive process starts small - with little damage to the vascular wall.Such damage can result in a variety of bad habits, because that interferes with their metabolism to the body.Similar effects can cause stress and frequent, as many scientists believe, and it is a scientifically proven fact.Because of nervous strain, walls of blood vessels actively constrict, causing microtrauma and produced on the spot where blood clots.At this point, it formed a protective patch - a blood clot.
For the newly formed thrombus glued various harmful constituents, particularly cholesterol.The process of treating the breach in the vessel takes about two weeks, after which the damaged area is overgrown with newly formed cells and the vessel looks as if nothing
had happened.But the problem is that, under the newly emerging cells and remains cholesterol.Besides vascular injury typically occurs at points of maximum stress on them, and that the intersection between themselves and their inflections.Although the damaged vessel and overgrown, but it will never be as flexible and elastic as he was before the formation of microtrauma.
The problem, as mentioned above, is not exclusively a problem of the elderly, it could face a person absolutely any age.For this reason, you should think about your health even at a young age, not at the last critical moment.
This problem can be solved in three ways:
1. You can create high blood pressure resulting in increased pressure of the blood and tissues, but in this case increases significantlythe risk of developing hypertension, since this procedure greatly increases stress on the heart.
2. You can use the method of vasodilation, it is necessary to take special drugs that have this property.But they can also adversely affect certain body systems and organs themselves.
3. And the third way is to create an increased vascular tone.
extremely negative impact on the vessels have existing problems with the functioning of the liver, the body's lack of neurotransmitters and peptides, irregular and poor nutrition, age of the person himself.If there is an active human plaque formation, it is possible to further predict the occurrence of atherosclerosis or hypertension.Over time, the formed plaques accumulate calcium, causing them to solidify, and further resorption becomes impossible.
Oddly enough, but the best assistant for preventive purposes of this problem was also in cholesterol, but in this case it acts as a positive means by that prevents oxidation of bad cholesterol.
the right approach to the choice of your diet, choose only those products in which there is practically no bad cholesterol, or is not contained at all.