Red spots on the palms

By Admin | Health Recipes
02 May 2016
These spots appear on the hands and have a rich, crimson color.They appear in the form of clusters of small spots, rather than in one large continuous spots.The scientific name of the disease erythema , as it is called in common disease Lana.
These spots are located quite close to one another, and that is characteristic for them, they have a distinct border of its location.It is clearly visible that gives the pronounced contours of the spots on the background of the rest of the skin.In normal cases, the border does not cross the sideline feet and hands.Also, red spots ever occur on the back of the hand, which is another characteristic feature of them.
also has a feature of this disease is that the sick person does not feel visual discomfort due to the presence at this disease.Sami spots do not cause feelings of itching, the skin does not sweat in their lesions are not present, and other annoying symptoms.It is on this basis and distinguish disease Lana from any other skin diseases.
But sometimes there are more radical forms of the disease, in medicine they are called - atypical.Under this title covers all the forms of the disease, in which there is a fairly substantial increase in the stratum corneum.It is not superfluous to say that any form of the disease may not involve a pathological problems with the oral cavity, the nasal mucosa, as well as with the genitals.If you have problems with those bodies, then look at another problem.And with "atypical" form of the disease can peel off the skin and increases its sweating.
People who are faced with this disease is assigned to a special medical course, which consists of a group taking vitamins A and E. It is also administered to the patient taking medicines made on the basis of adrenal hormones, these drugs are found in two types:in tablet form and in the form of ointments and creams.They take a comprehensive, in order to achieve the best effect.A good medicament is a cream "Unna", its use will be highly desirable in such a situation.
Although there is treatment, but a full recovery is not possible, as this disease is with a man in his life.He could often be seen in the whole family, this is easily explained by the fact that this disease is transmitted by certain hereditary predisposition.He occasionally found in newly born children.In some cases it appears in the seasonal or cyclic form, depending on external factors and the seasons.Any course of treatment provides only temporary and minor improvements, but, in fact, the disease is only visually looks like illness, with no discomfort to the sick person does not deliver, except for red spots!