Headache in the sinus

By Admin | Health Recipes
02 May 2016
sinus headache occurs when, in fact, as a result of inflammation in the maxillary sinus, and not have to fight with her, and with the root cause - thereby sinusitis (sinusitis).And, if your sinusitis pain gives not only locally - in the sinuses themselves (under the eyes, close to the bridge of the nose), but in the head, then you should immediately consult a doctor - or meningitis can occur with all the consequences.
Remove yourself pain painkillers to help you use during normal migraine - a variety of analgesics.But with sinusitis have to tinker, just like a disease from you will not lag behind.
effective way to eliminate this scourge, two - inflamed sinus puncture, and a course of antibiotics.Puncture (although the name sounds pretty scary) is not as traumatic for the body - it is done under local anesthesia through the nasal passage and is completely painless.With the help of a puncture of the sinus output pus (including, and hard clots) and inflammation of the antibiotic is removed
"local character", which are entered directly into the sinus.
Broad-spectrum antibiotics are also very effective.Modern drugs such as Zitrolid, Hemomitsin, Macropen within 4-5 days to effectively cope with inflammatory processes - in most cases.In any case, do not flatter yourself self-medicate.Sinusitis is necessary to "carry" to have ENT.
Once the inflammation will subside and go away headache.Once again - to take painkillers pain symptoms can be for a day or two, but by themselves they will not pass.
There are folk remedies for treating sinusitis. They can be used to remove pus from sinuses - this will lead to a reduction or disappearance of headaches:
• Infusions of yarrow, chamomile, St. John's wort.These plants are natural antibiotics and help the body to fight infection.It can be combined in any proportion or insist separately.Ways to use - rinse the nasal passages, inhalation, nasal drops.
• Juice root cyclamen.By itself, this juice is poisonous, and it must be used with extreme caution.The juice diluted in a ratio of 1C: 10 with an aqueous or oily base and instilled into the nasal passages 1-2 drops once a day.This means in most cases relieve sinus of accumulated pus and relieves pain.