Itchy scalp, causes

By Admin | Health Recipes
02 May 2016
If you are constantly scratching his head, then most likely you have itching of the skin.It can occur for various reasons, but in any case do not take any steps on their own as long as identify the cause of its occurrence.And for this purpose go to the hospital in the community.
But still the main cause of itching is stress.It may be too much mental stress, psychological pressure from any quarter whatsoever, long-term focus on one subject.If any of these reasons, the body produces protective agent - adrenaline.That he helps us to withstand this stress, it enables muscle tissue to function at maximum capacity.But if its amount in the body gradually decreases, as a result, the muscle tissue overstrained and itching.
most often itching is the result of pain in the back, shoulders, neck head.It is damage to these muscle groups and can provoke the appearance of pain in the head or itching.For example, pull the thigh muscle may be given to a burning sensation in the head.
sometimes cause itching of the scalp is hair loss.In Latin, the disease is called Trihodineya, and it also may be accompanied by headache.The reason for its occurrence is a strong muscle overexertion head cortex, and as a treatment for long-term therapy is used.With it is possible to fully restore the normal operation of the head of bark and normalize metabolism.
shampoo, nail styling, coloring agents or any agents on the basis of the chemical elements, are also able to disrupt metabolism, and as a result cause itchy skin.Therefore, we must be careful when choosing the means to care for the hair and even after a single use you start scratching your head, the better to replace this facility.As a precaution it is recommended to use only the means in which you believe and that is repeatedly used.
drying with a hair dryer or in the barber shop, may also cause itching, if the air is too hot.
presence of dandruff on your head is probably not the cause of itching of the skin, and its direct consequence.According to statistics, most suffer from dandruff men, whose average age is 20 to 40 years.Cells scalp updated once every 28 days, if the cycle is broken, then there is dandruff.Dandruff is nothing else like particles of dead skin.
But the most unpleasant cause itching can serve a variety of parasites.This is most likely head lice, ticks, fleas, and they cause acute itching.Even with the slightest suspicion of their presence is necessary to consult a dermatologist.He examines the skin and to ascertain the cause, and, of course, be able to assign the appropriate treatment.
sometimes cause itching are fungal diseases.The most common eczema, atopic dermatitis.Symptoms of neurodermatitis are red spots, itchy skin.In any case, you need as soon as possible to see a doctor and undergo the prescribed treatment.