Good to have for breakfast?

By Admin | Health Recipes
02 May 2016
tips about the food in the morning and do not cease to this day, they are sometimes contradictory.But nutritionists agree that if you do not eat breakfast, then the likelihood of obesity increases.Since reduced blood sugar levels and there is a great hunger, and this leads to the fact that we eat dinner fatty foods rich in carbohydrates - and that extra weight.Therefore, it is necessary to have breakfast.But what to eat for breakfast?
In southern Europe, usually consumed at breakfast of cereals with milk, cheese, honey, eggs, and always a hot drink - tea, coffee.This breakfast is very different from the heavy English breakfast, which includes fatty foods: bacon, sausages, mashed potatoes, pudding.Such breakfast be called useful as fat food deteriorates digestion and, consequently, greatly reduced operability.
Therefore it is necessary not only for breakfast, but use only a useful, healthy and not junk food.
is best for breakfast to eat at least one third of the food is eaten in a
day.In this case, the body will function normally.To the food is better absorbed, before breakfast, we recommend a glass of water with lemon juice or honey.You can then do exercises, take a shower and you can start eating.
For breakfast you can eat eggs, make an omelet, but not every day, as they contain large amounts of fat.You can, for example, the next day to eat oatmeal.This dish is perfect for breakfast, thanks to fiber, carbohydrates and minerals.Oatmeal can be filled with milk.Thus, you are not only satisfied, but also to get a charge of vivacity and energy.Or on rye bread spread with jam or preserves.It is desirable to limit the use of the stick, or do not eat.Breakfast is fit not fat dairy products: cheese, yogurt.
Breakfast is helpful to drink freshly squeezed citrus juices.Not only do they have an invigorating effect, but by the content of vitamin "C" picks up the immune system. Among the hot drinks popular are tea and coffee. More useful is the green tea. A little less drinking cocoa, which is also a useful product, saturating the body with energy.
By f course, the recommendations presented here relate to the majority of people. To select the menu for everyone should be taking into account the individual and the above principles.