How useful red caviar?

By Admin | Health Recipes
02 May 2016
source of caviar of salmon are fish: salmon, salmon, coho, chum, sockeye, chinook.Red caviar should not be pale or yellow - a sign that the game is overdue.Depending on the fish eggs differ in size, hue and taste.Which I would not have had a taste of it do not only sandwiches, but also various types of snacks, so it is difficult to imagine a festive table without this delicacy.Many people believe in its benefits.Well, what is useful red caviar?
First of all, it contains easily digestible protein, which in turn is made up of essential and nonessential amino acids, which are so necessary for the body.After eating caviar person feels a surge of strength and energy.
In addition, the protein is useful for the normalization of blood pressure, as well as by the content of lipid protein rasscheplyut cholesterol.Red caviar contains iodine, so people with thyroid disease, eat this delicacy is a must.
Red caviar is rich with plenty of vitamins:
Vitamin D. This vitamin plays an impo
rtant role in promoting and securing the bone.Especially necessary for pregnant women and nursing mothers to prevent formation of rickets in children.
Vitamin E. Useful for impotence in men.And also it has a rejuvenating effect.
Vitamin A. Improves eyesight, strengthens the immune system and helps get rid of toxins and various toxins.
However, red caviar is very high in calories, though, and does not contain any fat or carbohydrates.On caloric and energy value it is comparable to meat and dairy products.Red caviar is excellent raises hemoglobin and therefore it is recommended for people suffering from anemia.
Enough to eat per day of 3 sandwich, and you forget about such problems as lack of iron, protein, phosphorus, iodine, and potassium in the body.Remember, eat caviar should be chilled.